Classic Care


Classic Care Foundation is an incidental vision, created during the outbreak of COVID-19.

When the nation was in first lockdown, Suresh Mutneja walked out to help needy people around him with what ever he could do best.

As the need for livelihoods and sustainability was a big isssue, Suresh decided to give them food and basic amenities which could help them to survive and fight against the pandemic situation.

He built a team with his family, drivers, building guards and few friends who started preparing meals for around 100 people and went out to give food packets to the needy people around.

The first smiles and blessings they received encouraged them to give more, and within a week, Suresh and his team set out preparing and delivering up to 650 meals a day.

Soon more friends got ecouragement and came forward in larger numbers and contributed to the cause. Volunteers joined in and formed a team called COVID Ninja. Thus the "Zero Hunger" movement started which grew by the day.

The team ensured that all volunteers followed the safety guidelines and precautions issued by Ministry of Health, Gov. of India. Every Volunteer (the Covid Ninjas) was given PPEs kits to keep them safe. Every Ninja was trained to educate the people on the street to use basic hyegiene practice and safety kits (gloves, masks and sanitizers ) for their safety and war against COVID-19.

The mission had begun, distributing food parcels and safety kits to the frontline workers, our COVID warriors including police force, BMC hospitals and quarantine centers

A Mission called Zero Hunger by Covid Ninjas got the slogan
"Each One, Reach One. Together, We Reach All !"

"On behalf of entire Classic Care family, I thank you all who are supporting us, and equally welcome all who wish to join hands with us in carrying this mission and vision forward"

What started as an incidental intiative, is now all set to grow as an organization named "Classic Care Foundation" with one priority mission and vision, i.e. " Zero Hunger ".

I am so grateful to all my family members, friends, collegues and a very special thanks to our COVID Ninja team for their great support from initiating to this stage where we all together take this mission forward.

Thank you !!

Suresh Mutneja

Founder, Chairman

Classic Care Foundation

The famous lines from an Urdu poet resonate well with "Classic Care Foundation" story ...

"..main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar, log aate gaye aur carvan banta gaya.. "