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In the dire times of COVID-19 lockdown, Suresh Mutneja, family and friends could not just sit and see low-income or no-income families struggling for food and basic amenities. They walked out from their comfort zone and decided to give freshly prepared meals and basic amenities to needy people around them. Soon more family and friends joined hands and a mission took off reaching 22000+ food packets in a span of 33 Days.
"COVID Ninjas" were born & took over the "Zero Hunger" Mission.

A humble start with that First Food Packet given on 30th March to struggling families in Nationwide lockdown, Suresh Mutneja incidently unlocked a Vision called " Classic Care Foundation"

Vision & Mission

Mission "Zero Hunger" , to help Mankind with food & health wherever it's needed the most,

Let's together we make our Earth a better home for all, not in kind but as our responsibility towards our great planet."

Suresh Mutneja
Founder Chairman, Classic Care Foundation

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#COVID Ninjas
First War

Where it all Started

When COVID -19 gripped societies and created a sudden food crisis for low income families, we joined hands to fight back hunger. We started with giving 100 food packets on day one and with the help of our family and close ones, within the week, we were distributing 500+ meal packets a day.

In precisely 33 days, we were supporting 650+needy people a day. One month, and two lockdowns later, we have provided meal packets to almost 22000+ people.

"Each One, Reach One. Together, We Reach All ! "

#COVID Ninjas
Fight to End

Let's Fight together

With the World becoming a tough place to live and survive in, we intend to continue this war against COVID-19 by all means.

Your contribution is essential for us. You can help numerous families overcome this crisis, by contributing to this cause. Your support will fuel our movement and uplift the spirits of every citizen to fight back and live better life.

We would like to extend to other areas with your support. Select options to contribute to do your bit to support this fight.

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World Blood Donation Day

Let's Savlive together

On the occasion of World Blood donation day, 14th June 2020 , Dahanu Vaitarna Pravasi Sevabhavi Sanstha organized blood donation camp at small village Kelveroad in Palghar district of Mumbai.

Classic Care Foundation partnered with the company Savlive and donated: *3 ply face masks and 100ml sanitiser bottles to all the donors to encourage them. *Faceshields to the doctors on duty . *Disposable nitrile/ latex hand gloves to the doctors and volunteers from Saint George's hospital and others for their safety. To encourage the donors further and to boost everybody's morale, a selfie curtain was created and all donors were photographed with a placard saying "I saved a life today"

The event was a huge success with 108 people having come to donate the blood out of which 17 had to be rejected. 91 units of blood was collected for the blood bank of Saint George's hospital of Mumbai.


Campaign at Classic Care Foundation on 14/07/20.

We provided our 'Saarathis' essential workers of our Mumbai's lifeline the local train Motormen/women with 250 Faceshields We also provided Faceshields, Masks, Sanitizers & Gloves to the Mumbai Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) office, the Railway Control Room and the Commercial Railway Office.

These safety items were sponsored by 'Savlive'-

The Motormen & Women are the vital link who bring all our essential workers like Doctors, Nurses and Policemen everyday so that they can look after the Corona infected patients. The Motormen & Women are the vital link who bring all our essential workers like Doctors, Nurses and Policemen everyday so that they can look after the Corona infected patients.

We are continuing our work to help serve mankind with your help. We would like to thank you & request you to please keep contributing so that the good work continues and we can reach out wherever possible to the needy & the deserving.

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"Each One, Reach One. Together, We Reach All!"

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"We are thankful for all the support we've got throughout our campaign and are looking to take this forward in a bigger and more organized way"

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